About BitQS

Thank you for your interest in the platform - a one-stop-shop investment solution for anyone who wants to start trading Bitcoin but doesn’t have the experience or knowledge to do it without any assistance.

If you wish to trade live, all you need to get started is a deposit of $250. The platform itself is free to use, so the deposit is simply required, so you have some funds to trade with. Once you’ve opened your account and deposited the funds, you can start by analyzing the information provided on the platform, sharing your parameters and limitations with your account manager, and using everything to try and make informed decisions.

The team at BitQS designed the platform to be so user-friendly because they feel strongly that investing in Bitcoin can be a reality for anybody. For them, it’s a shame that some people may not have the opportunity to trade in Bitcoin because they don’t have a background in tech or finance. They feel that BitQS has bridged the gap between tech, investing, and the general public.

Bitcoin is the Future

Part of the reason this project was so important to the team is that they’re all passionate Bitcoin enthusiasts. And they strongly believe that empowering more people to invest in Bitcoin is a direct way to support the currency. By supporting the growth of crypto, they hope that it can continue to acquire greater importance in finance and the world at large.

Some Background

The team at BitQS is made up of tech and financial professionals from a range of different backgrounds. One thing they have in common is that they care deeply about the success of Bitcoin. Also, they all wanted to make it more accessible for the average person to invest in cryptocurrency.

At BitQS, they are proud to have onboard some great developers, designers, and financial analysts. They have a multidisciplinary approach to developing and maintaining the platform, and their aim is to provide users with the best possible experience and bridge the gap between the world of investing and you.

The team at BitQS genuinely believes that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, are a large part of the future of tech. If you want to be a part of this world, you can sign up to try BitQS, so you can start your trading journey.